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MOT Testing at Punters Garages... a vital safety check


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Punters garage have been carrying out MOT Testing since the very start of the MOT Test in the 1960s. With three fully equipped MOT Test lanes and four qualified MOT Testers we provide the very best ‘while-you-wait’ MOT Testing service. Regular customers receive a postal reminder from us a few weeks in advance of the expiry of their MOT; giving them time to make arrangements for another Test, and we can repair any problems that may arise at a competitive price.

Owner Jim Punter is an MOT Specialist. Although he’s not a Tester himself, he not only edits a magazine called MOT Testing Magazine, dedicated to the MOT for the benefit of the motor trade as a whole, but also as Chairman of the MOT Trade Forum, he works with the Government on developing changing MOT regulations into the future.

MOT at Punters Garage

MOT repairs

An area of real specialisation for Punters Garage is carrying out the appropriate repair work after a vehicle has failed the MOT Test. Quite often the work needed is fairly simple and straightforward, in which case we will carry out the work free of charge then and there, the customer only paying for the parts used… perhaps a windscreen wiper or a light bulb for example.

Our approach to the MOT… sensible diligence

Government research has shown that the annual MOT Test is a key contributor to saving lives on the roads. By the Department for Transport’s own figures, should the MOT, for example, be changed from once a year to once every two years, then about 400 more people would die on our roads every year in accidents caused by vehicle defects which remain undetected.
At Punters garage we are aware of this and so we take a careful and diligent approach to MOT Testing. However on many of a car’s components checked for the MOT, there is some latitude in the wear which is acceptable – and we are careful not to be over-zealous, giving the customer the benefit of the doubt whenever we can, but nevertheless offering advice when something is ok, but only just!

Punters Moptorcycle MOTA Good MOT

It is this blend of safety consciousness and common sense coupled with a strong ‘service’ approach, which makes us so popular with our MOT customers.

A Good Testing Station

All MOT Testing Stations are controlled and regulated by a Government Agency called the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, VOSA for short, who have specialised inspectors called Vehicle Examiners who visit Testing Stations either randomly or regularly to check them out and put them into ‘quality’ categories of green, orange and red regarding how likely they are to be doing good MOTs (a ‘green’ garage), poor MOTs (a ‘red’ garage), or average MOTs (‘amber’ garages). Punters is a VOSA ‘green’ garage

Classic cars

Classic Jag MOT TestAs a classic car enthusiast Jim Punter welcomes Classic car owners to bring their vehicle to his business for MOT Testing – as his Testers understand the unique nature of some classic and cherished older vehicles. For example, his own 1919 Lagonda is fully MOT Tested every year yet it has no front wheel brakes, and the handbrake operates on the prop-shaft.

Punters Garage Classic Car Servicing
The engine bay of Jim Punter’s classic 1919 Lagonda which he inherited from his father. He says, “… we are very experienced in MOT Testing Classic cars. Although they no longer need an MOT, I would urge owners to continue to have their cars Tested each year; recently my own classic failed the MOT, I had not realised the problem had developed. Undetected, it could have caused a serious accident.”

After November 2012, MOT Testing of Classic cars will no longer be required. The Government have, however left these vehicles on the MOT computer so if owners decide, for their ‘piece of mind’, they would like to continue to have their cars MOT Tested, they can do so. Not only would it be a sensible precaution, it is quite likely that insurers of classic cars will insist on it at some future date.